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Artificial nails with a natural look
Natural nails with resin wraps

The school for naildesign

Naildesign as a proffession

The ladder of education

  1. Approved naildesigner.
  2. Certified naildesigner.
  3. Certified instructor.
  4. Certified examiner.

If you are looking for an education where you can develop and prosper, Scandinavian nails by abameme® is a safe choice. Contact the school and we customize a plan for you. The school is for beginners as well as experienced naildesigners.

The artificial nail product that takes care of your natural nails

As a naildesigner you choose the quality on the products/ artificial nails for your future salon customers.

Advantages by Scandinavian nails

  • No damage to the natural nails.
  • Long lasting.
  • Feels like natural nails to wear.
  • Thin, yet strong artificial nails to use.


  • Little time is spent on making and maintaining the nails.
  • Easier techniques to learn.
  • Few products to relate to.
  • No lingering odors and fumes in the salon.
  • A small investment to get started.
  • Artificial nails that are durable, even in a scandinavian demanding climate with continuous warm/ cold changes.
  • Quality and knowledge hand in hand.

The school is free

This is included:

  • The education.
  • All the products you use at the school.
  • The exam as approved naildesigner.
  • The diploma as naildesigner.

Become a professional naildesigner with a diploma. After you passed the exam as naildesigner your focus will be to perfect the techniques, to make nails in less time and to pass the exam as a certified naildesigner.