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Artificial nails with a natural look
Natural wrap with permanent frech manicure

Product- the artificial nails

Expiration date for Ready - resin is November 2019: BBE/LOT 87163L. Other LOT numbers have expired.

The line of products

Our line of products is based og knowledge and science.

Salon customers are demanding the highest level of quality

  • No visible edge along the cuticle as the nails are growing out/ forward.
  • The nails should not yellow.
  • Nail polish should be removed completely, any color.
  • Strong nails that can be used.
  • Looks and feels lika natural nails.
  • Thin and yet strong without lifting around the edges/ cuticles.

Scandinavian nails by abameme® offer nail designers creative freedom and covers all the techniques requiered for today's professional nail salon.

The techniques

Seven techniques with detailed user's manuals.

The orders

What product to use when, how to use each products the best and intended way.

User's manuals

  1. Extensions with nail tips.
  2. Extensions with forms*.
  3. Wraps for natural nails*.
  4. How to maintain all techniques*.
  5. Techniques for guitarists.
  6. *can be done with or without permanent French manicure.
  7. "Shaping nails come alive".


The looks can easily be customized to the style/ expression with Length, Shape and Form of the nails.

The nails will be made to accommodate the use the salon customer wants/ needs.

As naildesigner we call this the "picture" the customers want. It is therefore the naildesigners task to listen well to the customers descriptions of this "picture" and put it into our system and make the nails according to the customers description.

For the naildesinger it is important to      describe shapes objectively. This objective description enables the creation of ten  proportionally equal nails.


The thin, smooth, long lasting, shiny surface is good at hiding the superior strength in our artificial nails.

The Form that is made in the nails is underlining the expression of the Shape the customer described in the "picture" earlier.

Form gives the strength and longevity in the artificial nails. This is crucial, so it becomes easy to maintain the nails after three to six weeks. Crucial  for the naildesigner as well as for the customer.

Our nails are 5 times stronger than traditional artificila nails, so we can apply them thinner. This again makes it possible to make more elegant and yet durable nails salon customers are looking for.

Product feel

To become a skilled naildesigner, independent of product and technique you use you must understand and trust the range of the material and its related techniques.

Here is a description of three stages naildesigners should be able to recognize.

In the beginning we make strong/ thicker nails. As time passes and we gain experience we start to take too much controll of the materail we apply - we start to use lesser product to make the surface smoother. This again leads to weaker nails.

If you become a certified nailsdesigner you don't need to experience all these constellations on your clients.

"the first nail"

This stage is recognized by applying too much material and there is contact between the material and the skin/ cuticles.

We are proud of the first nail: "we made it"! This is more the joy of having created something than a quality workmanship.

This nail we all must do and some even continues to make this quality. We do not have control of the product, we cut the customers skin and cuticles with the file and do everything we later will not do. At this stage it is the best to practice on your own nails. The nails are a bit too thick - solid, uneven shapes and lack of product control, but these nails are durable and last for a long time. This alone is motivating to continue.

"the second nail"

The students are rapidly evolving to this stage where they have more of a feel for how to use the product.

Here the students have better control over the material applied and is less in contact with the skin and the cuticles. The nails are now thinner and Form and Shapes are more according to the guidelines.

"the second nail" is a stage many naildesigners will dwell on for a long time if they are not told that there is a third level to reach for. The satisfaction at this level is more based on less messy nails. A better control of the flow of the product and better can handle the tools. The students only make minor spills in the cuticles and along the sidewalls of the nail. But still there is not enough product feel for making the right strength and feel confident in making proportionally equal nails. The nails at this level are much better than the first level. A common way to rest at this level is to say; "none of my models are complaining". It is at this stage it is so easy to start to make too thin nails that is not according to the customer's needs.

"the third nail"

Product feel and control is in place. No contact with the skin and cuticles. No cutting of the skin with the files. The students are using less time and they know and have a feel for the right strength for each customer. Shorter time, the nails have equal lengths, Forms and Shapes.

The nails have now a more natural look and they are very comfortable to use, long lasting and they do not lift along the cuticles, nor the sidewalls. The strength at adequate unless they are subject to extreme forces. The looks is in place and every nail has the wow-factor.