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Artifitial nails with the natural look
Extentions with the abaNatural nail tips.

The School- with options

First the interview

To become a student at the Scandinavian nails by abameme® school you make an appointment for the interview. The interview is to se if you have the qualifications required to represent our products.

The free school

At the school

Every day at school starts with a test to make sure the students can do and understand what we learned the previous day at school. If the student passes the test we can continue, if they don't pass the test we have to repeat and do and understand what we did. To ensure easy and safe learning.

When is the exam

The exam is three months after the first day at school.

Practice day

For students that did not pass the test to continue to the nest level and for students that want to repeat a topic. It can also be for students that for some reason was not able to prepare/ do homework.


If a group of students want to have a certain topic repeated or discussed further in depth they can make an appointment to do so and a qualified instructor will be at disposal.

Make an appointment

Call and make the reservation +47-901 44 717 after you have been informed that you passed the interview.

Week day Level Time
Mon Day 1 0900 and 1200
Tue Day 2 or * 0900, 1200 or 1700
Wed Day 3 or * 0900 and 1200
Thu Day 4 or * 0900, 1200 or 1700
Fri Day 5 or * 0900
Sat/Sun By app. 0900-1700

* = Practice day


To take the exam as a certified naildesigner can start minimum of twelve months after the student passed the exam as a naildesigner.

What does certification mean


To compete is a social event as well as professionally stimulating. You will meet naildesigners you can be social with one day and to be competitors the next. Our competitions are on a higher professional as well as technical level. Quality work with a stopwatch. If this sounds interesting we guarantee an educational experience.

Theme days

The content and place for these Theme days will be published in closed groups on facebook®. You will be invited. The Theam day will be guided by qualified instructors during afternoons and week-ends.

On Theme days we go deeper into techniques, those things that we need to develop as professional naildesigners.

Work room

A group of naildesingers will get a practical task to solve, together. The group will be put together and guided by a certified instructor.

Work task

The task will have to do with running a nail salon, techniques used to make better nails. This work task is primarily available for certified naildesigners.

Work task groups can be available for students and nail designers.


Support is necessary to get the confirmation and understand what you do wrong/ as well as correct. As a naildesigner you can get inspiration from social media channels. We can help you to put this information into a more objective perspective and build it into our system: theory, technique, practical and timebound.
Support is free.

Meet naildesigners

Interdisciplinary and independent of level we have open gathering where you can meet other naildesigners working with other products and techniques. If you are a naildesinger working with acrylics, gels or other resin systems or independent systems, this is the place for you.

Come and try

It is easier than you think with the correct guidance.

Our techniques cover everything a naildesinger needs in a professional nail salon.

A living profession

Naildesign is occationally subject to trends when it comes to shapes and forms. We do not use too many colors to hide our craftsmanship with. To be updated here let us know and you can be invited to trend groups on facebook®



Find groups for your level

Updated information with pictures, text and movies.

To follow the latest trends and actions and what is going on in the industry we update information for our different levels continuously.

After certification


To become and instructor you have to pass tests and prove that you understand how and what to teach. The certifies instructor is at our highest level of education and is only suited for those with a passion for teaching in naildesign.

Certified instructor

This is best suitable for those having done nails for years and years and now want to step back a little but still want to be involved in our profession.


Since we have competitions throughout the year this is probably the first level of advancement you want to try our after becoming a certified naildesigner. This is also a good foundation if you want to learn more about shapes and forms. This is technically good for any naildesigner doing nails on a daily basis.

Certified Examiner

Here you will learn how oversee a competition. You will learn about the ruls and regulations for how this works on a national and international level.


Scandinavian nails by abameme® is currently not looking for distributors in Norway. If you want to be more involved on a professional level, we recommend you read more about Instructor and examiner.

Sometimes we all need to meet dedicated colleagues and to feel we are part of a coherent group of dedicated naildesigners.

International distributor

Scandinavian nails by abameme® are looking for dedicated partners for the European market.


Send us an application where you introduce yourself and your company. Dedicated people with experience with nails is what we are looking for.

Send us and e-mail.