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We make artificial nails with a natural look
Extended with abaNatural nail tips

About us- Scandinavian innovation

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  • Scandinavian nails by abameme®
  • Dronningensgate 23,
  • 0154 Oslo, Norway.

Phone number

  • Daytime:
  • +47 - 22 33 33 89


  • Director of operations:
  • Elisabeth Brenden
  • +47 - 926 07 933
  • Instructor and Chairman:
  • Arild Røyne
  • +47 - 901 44 717


Want to know more about what we do and see what we do? You will get more information if you visit us in the center of Oslo. You can also get a free demonstration and try our products on yourself. No strings attached.

We have a nail salon, a nail designer school and we sell products to professional naildesigners that passed our exams.

Who we are

Elisabeth Brenden

  • Director of operations and make sure our projects are achieved.
  • She is practicing what we preach in our school at our salon.

Arild Røyne

  • Instructor and responsible for teaching naildesigners to become confident in making durable artificial nails.


  • To educate the best nail designers, develop products and techniques of the highest standards.

We are Norway's only free-of-charge school for naildesigners and believe this is a step in the right direction. To be able to focus on quality and knowledge instead of how to finance the school and a long term payment plan after the exam.

Naildesign is a nice and prosperous profession where you will work with people. If you like to deliver quality workmanship this is a good profession to be in.

At our school you can focus on learning well documented techniques that your future salon customers will appreciate.

What we do

With Scandinavian nails by abameme® we have specialized in the highest quality resin nails, developed for an active lifestyle and for classical guitarists.


Artificial nails that:

  • are thin and yet strong and durable.
  • are long lasting and yet easy to maintain.
  • also made for thin and brittle natural nails damaged from other products.
  • has an exclusive and appealing look.

We work with leading laboratories to bring out gentle and high tech resin products. Resins protects the natural nails. We developed a nail tip with 75% less filing that does not crack in the sides. abaNatural nail tips also offers a natural clean color.

Salon customers are the specialists

As a naildesigner we should understand that the salon customers are the specialist on their nails. We should listen to and understand what our customers want. Our experience is that they want artificial nails that do not damage nor wear down their natural nails. This is why we do not use gels, acrylics nor products that require the use of drills or heavy filing.


"Yes, and we are proud of it".

Functional solutions

To be able to make the shape and form our customers want we use a Shape Plan - a system for how to make equal shapes and forms on all ten nails.

The Shape Plan is easy to understand but require experience and discipline to follow.


  1. Choose and make equal lengths.
  2. Choose and make equal widths.
  3. Choose and make equal shapes.
  4. Form describes the thickness of the material applied.

Looks is what the customer chooses along with her naildesigner. The naildesigner makes the quality and strength is the nails according to the length and the salon customers personal preferences.

No decorations zone

We cultivate the elegant and classic look.

No damage to your natural nails

We have been doing nails since 1985 and can see that resin nails still do not ware nor damage the natural nails. We do not use any other techniques than resin nails of the highest quality.

With focus on the end user

We agree with the specialists: the salon customers.